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Hopens 2-Pro Mentor, Norway

2-Pro Mentor's mission is to provide world-class services to enterprises challenged by the traditional software development problems, such as high cost development, unpredictable project execution, budget overruns, and failure to meet customer expectations.

The IBM® Rational® Unified Process (RUP®) is the backbone of our offerings. We have hands-on experience from most of the 9 disciplines - both technical and managerial areas.

The RUP is a modern software development process based on industry accepted practices, such as iterative & incremental lifecycle, risk driven management, use-case based requirements and architecture centric development.

We deliver services to software development organizations - large and small. Our deep expertise in the RUP and its supporting tool set for tailoring and extending the RUP framework, enable us to recommend strategies for adopting new processes and methods, to assist in the management of the change program, and to provide on-site help of high quality inside the development projects - both in the managerial and technical disciplines. Read more about our service offering here.

The Eclipse Process Framework (EPF) - an open-source initiative aiming at producing a customizable software process enginering framework, with exemplary process content and tools. Read more...


Seeking New Opportunities !!

We are available for contracting / consulting engagements and can start up on short notice. See Services for the type of work we take on, and About Us for contact information.



IBM® Rational® Unified Process

The RUP represents the backbone of 2-Pro Mentor's services.

This graphic is copyright © IBM Rational, and is taken from RUP version 2003.06.

The RUP is a software development process framework based on modern software development practices. It's Iterative & Incremental lifecycle caters for early risk identification (and mitigation) and enables the teams to enhance their development skills as they progress in the project.